Did you know... that over 89% of top fashion and apparel High Street stores all import their goods from places like Asia and India?  They import, rebrand and sell on their stores for highly inflated prices.  They are not usually doing this to rip off the public, it's just they have such high overheads to compensate for.
We, on the other hand, have no brick and mortar premises to pay for, we only have a handful of staff who are dedicated to sourcing products from these same countries.  We negotiate the same deals the big stores do but with one difference, we pass all the savings on to you.  We work at around 10-15% profit margins compared to the bigger stores charging a LOT more to cover their overheads.
What this means for you!
Well, it simply means you pay much much less for the exact same clothes, footwear, toys, gadgets etc.  The only downside to this is your orders will be shipped directly from overseas, which could mean a few weeks on delivery.  But hey,  it's worth the wait as you are getting far more for your money which could mean hundreds of pounds in savings over the year if you take advantage of our wonderful offers.  
We also have a whole range of unique apparel not even available on the High Street.  We work with smaller overseas manufacturers which the bigger stores overlook sometimes and they put our designs on their factory floor team. Pretty cool right?
We send out coupons, free shipping offers, competitions where everyone wins on a regular basis to our regular customers.
So what are you waiting for? Ditch the High Street, bookmark us and start browsing today. We are expanding our catalog every day so be sure to keep checking back.