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Doc Style Leather Pink Zipper Boots

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UK sizes (use size chart below):
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Doc Style Leather Pink Zipper Boots



When choosing the correct sized footwear, please always measure first. Measure your inner foot size in CM following the guide below and add at least 1 cm on for movement and comfort. Choose UK size according to our inner shoe size on the chart below. If at all unsure order one size up. Thank you.

Go by our charts Insole length. (Insole length = Foot length +1cm). Thank you.

Example: If your child's foot length is 13.5CM, you need to add on at least 1 CM. So you would choose a UK size 6 (14.5CM) from the chart below

Kids' Size Conversions (2-9 years)


 Kids UK Sizes Kids Euro Sizes Shoe Insole Size In CM
4.5 21 13.5cm
5 22 14cm
6 23 14.5cm
7 24 15cm
8 25 15.5cm
8.5 26 15.9cm
9 27 16.5cm
10 28 17.1cm
10.5 29 17.8cm
11 30 18.1cm
12 31 19.1cm
13 32 19.7cm
1 33 20.3cm
2 34 20.6cm
2.5 35 21cm
3 36 21.9cm


Sizes may arrive in corresponding Euro sizes. Please read store terms of service before ordering. Thank you.