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TPE Yoga Mat - Non Slip Gymnastics Mat 1830*610*6mm

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TPE Yoga Mat - Non Slip Gymnastics Mat 1830*610*6mm

It's waterproof and anti-slip, its special design make the yoga mat great grip and slip free even if you sweat a lot. The thickness is 6mm, the high density mat can absorb impact on joints and give a great support for the user at any level, especially beginners. The mat also come with one carry bag, so you can carry and store the mat easily.

What is TPE yoga mat?

1. Non-toxic, no harm to the body

2. More soft and more comfortable than ordinary yoga mat, better elasticity

3. Special laser engraving texture on both sides, non-slip index is higher than ordinary yoga mat

4. Density higher than ordinary materials, more wear-resistant and durable, can extend the service life

5. Moisture resistant, easy to clean with soap and water

6. Greatly enhanced the strength of tear resistance

The most important thing is to have alignment lines, more professional and helpful for practice

How to clean and care the TPE yoga mat?

TPE yoga mats are very durable and can last you years, as long as you keep them clean and give them some care.

To clean, just use cloth or towel to wipe down or wash with mild soap and water and let air dry.


1.Don’t use a washing machine or dryer.

2.After use, pls roll the mat up, pls don’t fold, to avoid the mat appeared folding traces

3.Please do not put the mat in the sun exposure

Packet Include:

1 X TEP Yoga Mat, 1 x free carry bag